Fill your home with music and film.

Welcome!  Located near the pristine shores of Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan, ​​Sound Surroundings is a specialist for high performance home audio & theater systems, open by appointment.

The mark of a true high-performance hi-fi or home theater is not its price, but the thrill it gives you whenever you use it.

Sound Surroundings specializes in well-matched components from select designers who truly care about the thrill of music -- and manufacturers who create and build for the maximum performance-to-price ratio. The superior components from these artisans embody quality and value you will really want to live with.

A good audio dealer may be the most valuable component in your system, so I encourage you to consult and support your local high-end retailer.  ​Sound Surroundings is an authorized dealer with direct ties to its manufacturers.  Together, we share a long-term commitment to value, excellence, and your satisfaction.